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Our Programs

This is the fun part! Horseback riding and working with animals leads to many mental and physical benefits. When working with people we can do the same thing and get varied reactions. Horses are honest communicators and give immediate feedback. This helps build a person’s confidence when forming other relationships. Many skills and confidences learned in the barn can be transferred to our everyday lives.

Riding can help build confidence, reduce stress and skills for building relationships. Horses are great communicators and give immediate feedback to the riders or handlers’ actions. They are large and intimidating animals, and they force the participant to gain trust. Horses can reflect humans’ moods. They do not judge or react the way that a human reacts to other humans.

Riding Lessons

Riding lessons are beneficial for everyone. A lesson would start with handling, grooming and saddling to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe. Lessons are taught at the student’s level and geared towards building confidence and basic skills.

Ground Work

If you are not comfortable with getting on a horse there are many activities that can help you form a relationship with the horse by caring for them, grooming and ground work. This is a great first step if you have not been around horses but are ready to learn more about how to handle and stay safe around them.