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Who We Are

Boon Ranch strives to create a place where all are welcome and feel accepted. We want to provide a safe and peaceful place to learn about horses and yourself. Feeling like you belong somewhere leads to a change in behaviors, beliefs and attitudes. Growing up our equine specialist found this in the local stable and wants to recreate this for all youth and adults that want to be part of Boon Ranch.

Equine Specialist

Sarah Boon has a love for horses and a passion for people! It is a dream come true to be able to combine both.

She graduated from The University of Colorado, Denver with degrees in Psychology and Sociology. After graduation she started her professional equine career in Brighton, CO and worked with many talented riders and horses.

With over 25 years of horse experience and 5 years of professional experience, she is excited to start building a program in Northeastern Colorado that can enrich the lives of so many. Sarah looks forward to sharing her knowledge and passion and grow a programs that fulfills and inspires its participants.

We cannot wait to learn about you and hear your story.